Idle Museum Tycoon Is Not Worth the Effort

Idle Museum Tycoon

Enrich the community and fill your pockets.

The Idle Museum Tycoon game, created by Pixodust Games, should be an intriguing mobile game but misses the mark. 

Tycoon simulator games have always been an attention grabber for us, like the Idle Police Tycoon. When we saw there was a museum based one, it was one we were going to try out.

The game is simple.

The goal of this fun tycoon game is to construct, repair, and manage an museum. ! You need to administer exhibitions of all kinds to attract visitors to see and contemplate the most incredible art and history collections.


Idle Museum Tycoon


The concept of the game worked and we liked how you had the chance to see your exhibits improve over time. This was a game we really wanted to like, but had a hard time. One of the main issues is it feels too congested, especially when it comes to cleaning up trash or stopping any would be thieves.

One feature we did like was the trivia game which allows you to receive rewards and improve your museum. 

In the end, we would lean more toward passing on the game, instead of going through the trouble to play it.

If you had a chance to play Idle Museum Tycoon, let us know what you though.

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