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Idle Police Tycoon Is Worth the Download

Idle Police Tycoon

Learn the ropes of directing your precinct. 

Codigames developed the mobile game Idle Police Tycoon and there is more than enough there to keep you entertained.

I have always been a fan of simulation games where you can build cities, worlds, or even Hell Park. That alone was enough reason for me to download this game and give it a whirl. 

The basis of the game is simple.

Take control of numerous police precincts and become rich preserving the security of your district.

Start running a small police department and work hard to make your reputation grow. Improve every detail in your facilities and turn your small office into a renowned police station.

Deal with the needs of your headquarters and follow the proper strategy to expand your business while providing safety to the community. Upgrade your buildings, improve your vehicle fleet, build new areas, provide the best working material to your team, enlarge your office to streamline the paperwork, hire the most efficient police officers in town, or learn the ultimate police investigation methods.

Take decisions and invest your money wisely.











The game is an interesting one had kept me locked in from the moment I started. I do like how you can go about building your precinct to focus on the crimes that warrant the most attention. 

Sure the graphics are not the best but they are comical. Whether you are walking the perp back to their cell or you are interrogating someone, it is hard not to let out a chuckle or two. 

The one downside to the game was it is rather simplistic once you figure out the right pattern, which is to earn money quickly. There are a few paths you can take to boost your income. Once you do that, you will find criminals have no place to hide.

I would love the game even more if there was an open sandbox play to it. 

In the end, we were glad to have downloaded it and will keep it saved on our phones to pick up every so often.

If you have tried Idle Police Tycoon, let us know what you thought of it.

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