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Injustice 2 Characters We Will Play First

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 announced their newest addition to the main roster by giving us an old but a goodie from the first game.

We scoured the various DC heroes and villains and selected the Injustice 2 characters we will be playing when the game first releases on May 16th.

But this was harder than it looked.

The roster will features a good mix of 38 characters. Some of them are standard, like Batman or Superman, while others Mr. Freeze and Firestorm are making their first appearance in this franchise.

We took everything into account. From the characters we loved prior to how their gameplay looked on the various trailers.

We even thought about one of the more unique features of this game. How players will be able to customize the look of their characters.

Eventually we had it down to a manageable list of Injustice 2 Characters we will be playing on the first day.

Injustice 2 CharactersThe Joker

Sure the Clown Prince of Crime died during the last Injustice 2 but they managed to bring him back. Perhaps with the help of the Scarecrow. Either way, his move set looks great and he is sure to proved a headache to anyone you play against.


Injustice 2 CharactersScarecrow

The Scarecrow uses the fear of his victims to fuel his power. He joined the Society to make sure his power can be felt worldwide. He seems like the perfect range character to keep your opponents at bay while you steal their life.


Injustice 2 CharactersBrainiac

The Collector of Worlds has come to Earth finish off the last Krptonian. Perhaps before he leaves, he will find a new world worthy of his collection? Brainiac looks formidable with his offensive abilities and will keep his opponents on their heels.


Injustice 2 CharactersSwamp Thing

The protector of all plant life makes an appearance in Injustice 2. He will defend the Green with his power and make sure you come out looking worse than before. This melee character looks like he will prove to be a tough kill for anyone who opposes him.


Injustice 2 CharactersDr. Fate

The Helm of Fate has shown Kent Nelson the fate of the world. But now he must decide between humanity and the Order. The ranged abilities of Dr. Fate look to give him a leg up on your opponents but patience will be required.


Injustice 2 CharactersAtrocitus

This Red Lantern seeks revenge against all members of the Sinestro Corps for what they did to his home world. This does not make you any safer for those outside of the group. He uses his hate to drive the rage and increasing the power of the Red Lanterns. Something your opponents will not want to see directed their way.


Injustice 2 CharactersDarkseid

The pre-order bonus this year is the Lord of Apokolips. The being know as Darkseid is seeking the Anti-Life Equation while he obliterates everyone who crosses his path. Your enemies will find it hard to evade your Omega beams.


If you have not had the chance to check out the gameplay footage of the Joker, check out the video below.

Which Injustice 2 characters are you going to play first?

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