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Injustice 2 Review: Perfect for Even Casual Fans

Injustice 2 Review

The long awaited sequel to Injustice has arrived but the question is did it live up to the potential or did it flame out.

The game has been out for just over a few week and after putting it through the paces, we thought it was a good time to share our Injustice 2 review

We were a fan of Injustice Gods Among Us as it gave us a chance to play a solid fighting game with some of our favorite DC heroes. Oh on top of it, there was a cohesive story to keep you locked in,

On to our Injustice 2 Review.


  • Overall the story-line is good and proves again that a fighting game is capable of having quality writing. We did like they angle they took this time around by focusing on Super Girl instead of the two DC mainstays.
  • The fighting system gives us an improved combat system and offers interesting combos to simple things as walking forwards or retreating The character’s movements seem tied in better with the controller.
  • The game is full of character and we already have our favorite. We were glad to see Harley Quinn and Batman back and love the addition of Black Canary and Scarecrow. The characters seem more balance in terms of various fighting styles
  • One last thing about the characters is we love the casting voice. The best one is Robert Englund who takes on the role of Scarecrow and makes it iconic.


  • Despite the success of the story-line, it seemed to drag on longer than needed after defeating Brainiac. also it felt like they stuck in characters like the Joker or Atrocitus into the story-line to ensure they placed them in the game.
  • The level up system is nice but at times it seems certain character special abilities tend to do a significant amount of damage compared to others. We will do more research on this.
  • Sure there are characters we liked, but there are some we are still meh on. While we enjoyed the rework of Bane, he feels too stilted in his play. We were happy to see Super Girl was not a clone of the Man of Steel but it feels like more could have been done.


There is a lot to like about second installment for Injustice. While it does lean more towards gamers who enjoy fighting games, there is enough there for the casual fan to find themselves hooked on it.

Share your thoughts and your own Injustice 2 Review.

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