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Injustice 3 Wish List

Injustice 3 Wish List

Though the game is not confirmed, there is no reason we can’t dream.

While Neatherealm is remaining tight lipped on video game series, we took the time to put together our Injustice 3 Wish List of who we would want to see in the game.

Look, we all know the majority of the roster makeup. There will be the standards, like Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman. There ares ones we expect like the Flash, Darkseid, Green Arrow, and probably Scorpion. 

We wanted to take a look at those obscure characters that have a slim chance of making the game. Heck, they would work as a DLC. But enough of this waiting, on to the character we hope to see.

Injustice 3 Wish List

Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen)

We feel his moves would have a lot of potential since he is able to manipulate reality. From telekinesis to time manipulation, there is some real potential there for Dr. Manhattan. Whether dealing damage or debuffing the opponent, there is a lot of potential for this character. 

Mr. Bloom

If you were looking for a newer villain of Batman, this one might be the perfect fit. There could be body manipulation moveset to even sending out clones of himself. There are some energy abilities that could help with the ranged attacks.  The character design also would make Mr. Bloom stand out from the rest of the character list.

Rorschach (Watchmen)

Sure we were teased with the chance of getting him in Injustice 2, but got the Turtles instead. This time around, we would prefer him included. At first glance, he might seem like a boring character, but I think there is some potential. Perhaps he has an ability where his powers increase the more damage he is allowed to deliver in a shorter amount of time. 

Nuclear Man 

We realized that there is no Etrigan so this could be the next best thing. This time we want Nuclear Man to make his appearance. They could tweak his moves to make them a little more lethal than the movie version but they should keep the model. The villain from Superman 4 would be a perfect addition that could put a smile on our faces.


If you had any suggestions for the Injustice 3 Wish list, share below. 

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