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Is It Too Late For Avatar The Way of the Water?

It has been over 13 years.

Yes, Avatar The Way of the Water is coming out thirteen years after fans had the chance to revel in the first Avatar movie.

This movie never made our Must See Movies in 2022 well, because we have never seen the first one. While there was some awe inspiring parts of the film, it was never a draw for any of us.

Right now that does not appear like it is going to change. 

But it does not matter what we think. As long as their is a market for it, then film should do fine. The problem is we do not think there is a market for it.

Let’s face it, when people recall their favorite thing about the first movie, a good majority of them focus on the techniques used to bring the world to life. It was a daunting task that capture the imaginations around the world. 

But we are seeing impressive techniques used across the film industry. From various animation styles to bringing back actors who have left us years ago.

We are glad James Cameron is inspired by pushing technology even more, but we are not sure if there is enough there now to make the audience fall out of their seats. 

This is the main reason why we think the movies will not reach the same success as the movie did in 2009. 

Let us know if you are looking forward to Avatar The Way of the Water or if you are going to pass on it.

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