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Is the Warner Bros Plan Leading to the Demise of Movie Theaters?

Warner Bros Plan

Can the movie theaters survive the new approach?

The new Warner Bros Plan for their 2021 created some waves this past week and has movie theaters concerned their days are numbered. 

They announced their upcoming movie slate, which bolsters 17 movies, will be released in theaters and on the streaming service HBO Max the same day

Some of the directors have been coming out recently like James Gunn and Christopher Nolan, who feel this is going in the wrong direction. We tend to agree with them.

By moving the movies to HBO Max, it will encourage folks more to stay at home and watch the new movies, the same way sports stadiums have been losing fans to the home experience. 

But this does not mean everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon. While we have access to HBO Max, our preference for movies will still be on the big screen

There is something about taking in a new movie with friends and strangers. That is something the home environment is lacking. 

We are partially disappointed with movie theaters for not being forward thinking enough. Yes, there is no way they could have seen the pandemic coming, but it has been around since February.

While one would think the theaters were always thinking forward, this is something they should have been working on since earlier this year.

Maybe they could have a better plan in place than just appearing they are waiting for a vaccine. Of course, they could be working behind the scenes, but it does not feel like it.

In the end, time will tell what happens, but for us we do hope the theaters find a way.

Do you think the Warner Bros Plan is good for movie theaters or the nail in the coffin?

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