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It Chapter 2 Review: A Sequel Done Right

It Chapter 2

You may know what is going to happen, but it does not deter from the movie.

It Chapter 2 came out last week and we were as curious as everyone else, if Pennywise could still continue to drive fear into our hearts.

When the first It movie came out in 2017, it revamped the the fascination with Pennywise and how he terrorized his victims.

We were some concerned if it would live up to the potential.

Let’s start off our It Chapter 2 review with the positives and the biggest elephant in the room.

Forgot the spider creature from the It miniseries. They did a great job creating an updated version which made a lot more sense.

Hands down one of the best performances in the movie was Bill Hader. He was one of the character you felt for what he was going through on the screen.

There were a negative with the movie that stuck out to us.

The first It movie did offer up some scares and genuine creepy moments. This time around, the same scenes felt less prevalent. Part of that reason is the movie focuses on the adult Losers dealing with the their traumas.

We would have prefer more of Pennywise on the screen, but we do understand why they went this direction.

In the end, we would definitely recommend seeing It Chapter 2 in theaters. This way when you watch it at home, you can see what you missed.

If you had a chance to see It Chapter 2, let us know what you thought of it.

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