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It Movie Review: You Will Float Too

It Movie Review

The long await remake to a horror classic hit screens this week with the hopes that it would live up to the hype.

The movie landed on our must see movies in 2017 and we can safely say by the time you read the It Movie review, you will see it should have been on yours.

The fearsome Pennywise is back on the big screen after 17 years and ready to scare a whole new generation.

We will do our best to keep the It movie review spoiler free but we can not promise we will not make comparisons to the mini-series.

  • Overall the updated version of Pennywise was solid. At time he seemed pushing to be more over the top but there was enough there to make you feel creeped out. Hats off to Skarsgard for making this version his own and not a Tim Curry knock-off.
  • The approach to focusing on the kids really worked as it have us a chance to the friends bonding during the movie.
  • Though there were a few jump scares in the movie, you did not see them relying soley on this as a means to put you on the edge of the seat. There were some genuine scary moments that catch you off guard.

There were a few drawbacks from the movie.

  • There were some discrepancies when it came to Pennywise scaring the kids. Sometimes it went after their specific fears, other times it was just general terror. The final scene did a nice synopsis while we felt the rest of the movie felt lacking.
  • Missing explanations, especially when it came to what the kids see versus the adults see. The biggest one that stuck out to us was the bathroom scene.

Overall, this movie works on several levels. If you are a fan of horror movies, this works for you even if you never saw the mini-series. You may have a few questions arise but for the most part you can follow along.

If you are a It and or Pennywise fan, you have to be pleased with how this came out. It stays truer to the source material and shows King’s story can still scare you.

We do like how the movie is split up into parts and are definitely looking to seeing Chapter 2 of It. 

Make sure to share with us your It movie review if you have seen the movie.

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