January 2022 Bootleg Toys

Bootleg Action Figures

New year means new things, including some Bootleg Action Figures.

The new series will kick off with the January 2022 Bootleg Action Figures that span over some of our favorite franchises.

Whether they are straight up bootleg or “unlicensed” figures, there is something about seeing these figures. Though we were not lucky to catch them in the wild, we scour the web looking for the best it had to offer.

We thought this would be a perfect  time to focus on some of the franchises we enjoy the most.

  • Spider-Man
  • Star Wars 
  • Thomas The Tank Engine
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Some of the action figures are creatives, while others are simple play on words.

 When it is all said and done, we have to admit the Thomas the Tank Engine Megazord is our favorite for January. There is something about it that brings a big smile to our face. 

Which one of the January 2022 Bootleg Action figures do you find misses the mark the most?

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