Jaws Pop Figures Means We Need a Bigger Shelf

Jaws Pop Figures

Funko wants to remind us to be afraid of the water.

The collectible giant has created a new line of Jaws Pop Figures that are sure to bring young and old out to collect them.

We have been impressed with some of their recent movie lines, like Little Shop of Horrors and Toy Story 4. Since I am a huge Jaws fan, there was no denying we were going to take a longer look at them.

The following characters will be a part of the Jaws Pop Figures

  • Chief Brody
  • Quint
  • Hoope
  • Jaws (6 inches) variant with tank

Here are a few images of the Jaws Pop Figures.

We do love the designs Funko went with with the new line. For starters, Funko did a great job with the character selection. They went with the three main characters and did not deviate by choosing a few of the secondary ones.

They did nail the design of the shark. The only thing we could hope for is they do a movie moment with Hooper, the shark cage, and Jaws.

These new figures will be available May 2019.

Let us know what you think of these Jaws Pop Figures.

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