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Joker Review: Not What We Expected But Better

Joker Review

The Clown Prince of Crime returns to the big screen one more time with a new approached.

Warner Bros decided to go back to one of their most iconic villains and we will do our best to share our thought on it with our Joker review.

The movie centers around Arthur Fleck and his descent from an unseen Gotham citizen into a character who is able to inspire random strangers to follow his lead.

By the end of the movie, we did realize just how bad DC Comics needed to do a movie like this after their lackluster ones like Batman vs Superman and Justice League.

Now on to our Joker Review with minimal spoilers.

First off, Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job. He took the role of Joker and made it his own. From the emaciated images of his body to the laugh he created, Phoenix embodied the Joker.

One of the things DC fans harp on is how realistic the Dark Knight trilogy is. Well, this one does an even better job. There are times early on in the movie where you feel for what Arthur Fleck is gong through.

The last thing that stood out to us was the use of music through the entire movie. You will notice how the music gets lighter and happier as the movie goes on though we see Fleck dipping further into madness.

There are a few minor negatives we have with the movie.

One part that may drive some people batty was the Joker’s Tai Chi or Dance that he would do every so often. At times it felt like it was fitting and showed how he was slipping further away. Other times it felt like it was forced in.

Some of the smaller scenes felt like they were thrown into the movie because they had to. We are referring to the scene with Bruce Wayne as a child. Honestly, we think these moments could have been left out of the movie.

Overall, if you are a fan of DC Comics or gritty drama movies, this is the perfect one for you.

If you had a chance to see the movie, feel free to share your own Joker review.

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