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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

July Loot Crate is Meh


The Heroes 2 theme July Loot Crate was our third shipment we have received and all we can say about this one is meh. The issue we have with it is not the value of the items involved in the shipment but rather the items themselves.

Loot Crate Hits

The big item this time around was a Batman O-Pop Figure which is pretty cool. It is a change from the some of the various similar items on the market..

The Legend of Zelda wristband and Wonder Woman posters were nice addition to the July Loot Crate. Though Power Boy is not into Wonder Woman, he has a friend who it would be perfect for and the wristband brings back some nostalgia with it.

The book of Regrettable Heroes looks like an interesting read and at least one of should enjoy it.

 Loot Crate Misses

Batman Key Chain is an okay item but why is there the second Batman item? We think they could have found another hero to represent.

Star Trek Air Freshener is a whiff because it would have been better served to have something a bit more permanent than an item that will run its course in a month and not be able to hold up.

The jury is still out on the free code for the game Brawlhalia. We are waiting to sign up for the beta then we can give you a better idea.

By no means does this sour us on the idea of Loot Crate. We know they are not going to be able to hit it out of the park every time and there will be some duds here and there.

Where you received the July Loot Crate or not, let us know what you think of it.

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