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Jumanji The Next Level Did Okay As a Sequel

Jumanji The Next Level

The gang is back but are they ready for another venture into Jumanji?

The sequel to Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle had big shoes to fill, but could the same cast pull it off in Jumanji the Next Level or would they falter.

We were a little worried about the lack of attention the movie has been receiving up until opening weekend. Then again it might be the advertising is being done elsewhere.

Even so we were curious on how they were going to follow the surprise 2017 hit.

On to our review of Jumanji The Next Level. 

We love the addition of Danny Devito has the grandfather. Not only did he set the tone at the beginning,  he closed it up with a new perspective. He was a worth while addition to the case.

The overall premise of the story made sense. The path the characters took seemed feasible and the majority of the film felt like it flowed naturally. There were a few scenes where they felt forced but those will be discussed below.

The hint of a third movie at the end is nice since we may get to see how the avatars perform in the real world with no powers.

There were a things we were not a fan of.

Why would they have Dwayne Johnson try to mimic the accent of Devito. None of the other characters changed how they spoke, rather they did in with the words or phrases. It seemed off putting.

Also it seems like they brought back Alex when there was no real need too. They could have used one of the other main characters to take up his role. We felt they rushed his two deaths to get him on the same page as the rest.

If you enjoyed the first movie, then this is one you should check out. But don’t worry if you can’t catch it in theaters, it would work just as well a home. 

If you had a chance to see Jumanji The Next Level, let us know what you think. 


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