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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Misses the Mark

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

The dinosaurs are back again on the big screen but is it one time too many.

The fifth film in the series, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, opened this weekend with positives results but there are some issues with the blockbuster.

The return of the franchise was an interesting one but we were curious if they really needed to make a sequel. Do not get us wrong, we love the original movie and the new possibilities with today’s technology. But there are so little directions you can go with additional movies.

But let’s get down to the basics with out spoiler free review of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

We did like how they expanded on the relationship with Owen and Blue.  It gave more credence to the relationship we saw in the first Jurassic World.

There was the presence of a new dino, the Indoraptor. We were curious to see how it was going to play out with the Indoraptor by the end of the movie.

The ending to the movie is intriguing as it can lead to a variety of options and new characters.

But there are more negatives for us with this film.

One thing is the plot. For starters, it appears to be all over the place. JG13Gamer says the beginning plot to the story seems lost before the end of the first Act only to pop back up in Act 3 for no apparent reason.

Also it felt like they were trying to add more subplots that were not needed nor did they know how to execute it.  We feel they would have been better off leaving them off next time.

The throwaway characters were also just that. They were in the movie to serve a purpose but nothing more. It would have been better off to give them some room to grow rather than wallow in the background.

We did like the performance of Jeff Goldblum but felt like it was more along the lines of a Marvel cameo.

In the end it is a movie that is watchable but you can bypass the theater and catch it at home.

On a side note, we did try out these new chairs at our local Emagine Theater. At first the Dbox chairs were fun, but there were times when they should have been still and not shaking with every turn of a door handle.

Let us know what you think of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom?

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