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Justice League Review: Slowly Coming Around

Justice League Review

The long awaited movie has arrived but can the five? heroes save the world?

DC Comics has brought the famed hero team together on the big screen but did they find success in our Justice League review?

Sure things did not get off on the right foot with Batman vs Superman. But we had hope things would be fixed by the time Justice League came out.

We will do our best not to deliver any major spoiler in our Justice League review.

There were several positives we had for this movie.

One big positive was the new characters brought in. 

It was great to see the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg play out. Sure some people may not know much about them but there was enough there to give you a basic premise of their story. Flash was funny and Aquaman was down right cool, but the best was Cyborg in terms of pure character. We got to see several sides of him an watch him grow.

Another good step was lightening the film. No we do not mean by adding humor and levity. Rather, it was nice to see some of the filming done in the day time and in sunlight. We know it is harder to work with CGI when scenes are not dark but sometimes you have to push yourself.

But there were several bad things that stuck out like a sore thumb. We will focus on the big three for us.

First it was those purple and black things that kept arcing out of the ground reminded us of the black stuff from Suicide Squad. That is not a good thing  We think they could have used a different mechanic to show how the Mother Boxes were reshaping Earth. It looks too generic.

Second was Cyborg. Yes we love the new character, but it was the person themselves. The CGI for him was downright ugh. He reminded us of a Transformer once he was out of his hoodie. They needed to spend more time on this.

The last thing was Steppenwolf. We knew he was not going to be a great villain but everything from his design to his actions were so generic. They would have been better off had they taken a different path to get to the final scene.

In the end, this movie is middle of the road. It was better than BvS but well below Wonder Woman.

We do recommend you catching it in the theaters and it does show there is some hope for DC>

Share with us your own Justice League review and the direction of the DC Universe.

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