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Kaiju Fans Will Love Godzilla Tokyo Clash

Godzilla Tokyo Clash

You can’t have a monster brawl without Godzilla and his crew.

The creators of the lovable Pop Figures created Godzilla Tokyo Clash board game and how can you say no to Kaiju.

Other Godzilla games have caught our attention, so you know there was little chance we would pass this up.

You get the chances to play as one of the famous Kaiju, like Godzilla, and battle to see which one will reign as King. You gain energy by destroying targets and use your special abilities to defeat the other Kaiju. Can you obtain dominance before the humans unleash their special game ending weapon>

The game is categorized as a light strategy game which is suitable for ten years and up. The game also includes 4 miniatures; Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Megalon. The game is set for two to four players with roughly 45 minutes of playing time.


The setup and design of the board game seems ideal for what is involved. It gives your Kaiju the chance to shine as they move across the board in their epic battles. 

The play time seem about right and we think they went with the right direction when it comes to how the game ends. Either one of the Kaiju is victorious or the humans wipe them out. 

The only downside is we wished there was more choices for the Kaiju, like Rodan or Mecha Godzilla. 

Either way this seems like an interesting game and a good choice to kill an hour or so on a rainy night. You can pick this up for $35 at Funko or your local retailers.

Is Godzilla Tokyo Clash up your alley for board games or is it a hard pass?

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