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Kingsman The Golden Circle: Manners Do Make The Man

Kingsman The Golden Circle

Did the sequel to the surprise hit, Kingsman, live up to the expectations or did it fall flat?

Kingsman The Golden Circle was not on our radar at the start of 2017 but after seeing the first one, it became a must see for us.

Truth be told, JG13Gamer and I are big fans of James Bond and at first glance we were not sure what to expect from the films.  We were glad Magnificent Mom convinced us to give it a chance.

This movie centers around the Kingsman and a drug ring, The Golden Circle, run by a sickeningly sweet Poppy. Mayhem ensues and the Kingsman need to reach out to their US counterparts for help.

There were a few positives with this movie.

  • Thanks goodness they brought Harry back. Sure we like Merlin, Egsy, and the rest but he made the first movie. It was good to see him back in action.
  • We did like the addition of the Statesman. The two groups made a nice pairing thanks to the contrasting styles.

Despite the positives, there were some negatives for the movie.

  • The first scene with the meat grinder was unexpected and intense when it took place. The second time it happened, it felt like a waste.
  • Another issue we had was with the underlying motives of some of the opposition to the Kingsman. It seemed viable for one person to support the deaths of millions, but it felt cheap another person used it as an excuse.

Overall, the second movie in the Kingsman trilogy and feel it is worthy enough for fans to spend their money in theaters. If you are on the fence, save the money until it is released on DVD.

Let us know what you thought of the Kingsman The Golden Circle.

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