Known Skylander Swap Force Figures – Part 1

While we have around six to seven months until Skylander Swap Force is released, Power Boy and I have been searching the web to see what figures are going to be released for the game. Since it is in the beginning stages, there is not a lot out there, but we did manage to find some new ones.

We did find some images of the actual figures while others we have images of the character from the game.

Here is a current list of the ones we have found so far.

The first three will be coming with the Starter Pack.

Swap Force Wash Buckler

Swap Force Blast Zone
Swap Force Magna Charge

Here are some of the other newer characters.

Swap Force Freeze Blade

Swap Force Night Shift

Swap Force Stink Bomb

Swap Force Roller Brawl

Swap Force Countdown

Right now this is only confirmed returning character.

Swap Force Stealth Elf

Do you have any favorites yet based on the images?

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