Kotobukiya Created an Emperor Palpatine Royal Guard ARTFX+ Pack

Emperor Palpatine Royal Guard

Kotobukiya has decided to show some love to the Emperor with an upcoming release.

This time fans of the Dark Side will have the chance to add an impressive Emperor Palpatine Royal Guard ARTFX+ three pack.

We were big fans of what they accomplished with Darth Vader and thought this could be a perfect set to pair him with.


  • Emperor Palpatine is 1/10th scale and features we have come to expect from Kotobukiya. It is sculpted in in detail from his calculating face to the creases in his robe and texture on his iconic cane.
  • ※Royal Guards are the same as the previously released ARTFX+ Royal Guard Two Pack.


Here are some additional images of the the Emperor Palpatine Royal Guard three pack.


We do like the look of this collectible set. The addition of the two royal guards is perfect wau to display the emperor.

It would have been nice if they did something different with the guards, but it is a minor complain. In the end, this is a solid collectible piece for any Star Wars fans.

You can pre-order this set from Kotobukiya for $139.99 and show expect to see it in the wild in May 2018.

Would you consider picking up the Emperor Palpatine Royal Guard ARTFX+ pack?

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