Kotobukiya Creates An Amazing Marvel Iron Man ARTFX Premier Collectible

Marvel Iron Man ARTFX Premier

The corner stone of the MCU breaks into Kotobukiya’s ARTFX Premier line.

Kotobukiya is starting a new line with their Marvel Iron Man ARTFX Premier collectible and even the most casual fan will fall for it.

In the past they have done some amazing work, like Weapon X or even Sam as Captain America.

The figure is going to be 1/10th scale and will be based on the
Fresh Start series’ Tony Stark: Iron Man # 1.

They are using a new painting technique where the standard base color and coating, each individual panel is outlined with dark shading. Combined with the glossy coating that catches the light beautifully, the contrast of the shading makes each piece of the armor pop and gives the statue a profound sense of depth.

Here are a few images of the Marvel Iron Man ARTFX Premier Collectible.

For starters, we think Kotobukiya made the right with the pose they selected for Iron Man. You can feel the power of the suit as it is taking Stark upwards.

The detail is impeccable and the colors are bright. It does a good job of bring the collectible to life.

The only downside to this we see is we would have loved to see some effect coming from his thrusters to add a tad of realism.

You can pre-order the collectible from Kotobukiya for $139.99 and expect to see it August 2019.

Let us know what you think of Kotobukiya’s Marvel Iron Man ARTFX Premier Collectible.

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