Kotobukiya Devil May Cry Vergil Artfx Looks the Part

Kotobukiya Devil May Cry Vergil

Kotobukiya ventures into the Devil May Cry World with outstanding results. 

The collectible artists created a Kotobukiya Devil May Cry Vergil Artfx statue that is to make any fans of the series fall in love with it.

Over the ears, we have grown more impressed with some of the collectibles Kotobukiya has developed. From Deadpool X-Force to Thor, they continually improve their game. 

This time they took on Verfil from Devil May Cry. The 1/8th scale brings life to the character, He is posed to strike with his Yamatu at his ready. 

Here are some more images of the Kotobukiya Devil May Cry Vergil collectible. 

We are downright amazed with what Kotobukiya did with this Artfx statue.

The one thing we do love is the small details, from the head down to the buckles on the boots. Vergil has never looked so good.

The only downside we see to this could be the price of $220. But this is a small price to pay for something on this level. We would not blame anyone for wanting to add this to their collection. 

You can pre-order the Vergil Artfx statue and expect to see it around July 2020.

Let us know what you think of the Kotobukiya Devil May Cry Vergil collectible?

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