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Kotobukiya Marvel Avengers Loki Artfx Statue is Perfect for the God

Loki Artfx

Some will say Loki was the true star of the Thor movies.

They will be first in line for Loki Artfx statues that is being added to Kotobukiya’s Marvel Avengers lineup. We might be right there with them.

Kotobukiya did a great job in the past with other Marvel Artfx statues, specifically Iron Man and Thor Odinson. There was no way we were going to pass up the chance to check out Loki’s version.

The design is based on the character’s representation from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be 1/6th scale. The cape is made of cloth, offering it the chance to alter the appearance. 

Here are a few more images to help give you a better idea.

The first thing we noticed was the amazing head sculpt. The smug charm is radiating off of Loki’s face. When you combine it with his posture, it adds to the Trickster’s charm.  You can see why Hulk would want to smash him. Loki’s scepter is the perfect accompaniment to complete the look. 

The only negative we found is the colors look a bit muted. Maybe we are used to more vibrant colors on their statues however it would not be a factor in our decision process.

This is a definite pickup for any Marvel fan who has been collecting the Artfx lineup. If you are new to it, this might be the perfect statue to start the your collection.

You can pre-order the collectible from Kotobukiya for $189.99 and expect to have it in your grasp by December 2020.

Let us know if you are going to consider picking up the Loki Artfx statue or pass on it.

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