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Kotobukiya Star Wars Mandalorian ARTFX+ Nailed It

Mandalorian ARTFX+

Sure Baby Yoda is cute and would have worked, but this is the real star.

Kotobukiya  is continuing their Star Wars collectible line up with the newest addition of Mandalorian ARTFX+ statue and it is a must have.

We were already a fan of the lineup Kotobukiya had created starting with the Emperor Palpatine and his Royal Guard.  No one could say they are surprised when we saw this newest addition. 

The statue will be 1/10 scale our roughly seven inches tall and consist of a PVC ABS. 

As an added bonus, you can pair him with the IG-88 ARTFX+ collectible

Here are a few more images of the Mandalorian.

This is a solid collectible for a multitude of reasons.

The details of the statue are top notch, down to the battle damage marks on the uniform. The posture works for this character  We were surprised when we saw there was no base. Though it looks steady based on the posture, it is one of those things you can not be sure of.

The only thing we thought they could have done was add Baby Yoda as an accessory. This would have made it a perfect set, but we know we can’t have everything.

You can pick up this ARTFX+ collectible for $99.99.

If you are going to pick up the Mandalorian ARTFX+ statue, let us know.

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