Kotobukiya Tusken Raider Barbaric Desert Tribe ARTFX Coming in Feb

Kotobukiya Tusken Raider

We walk single file.

The Kotobukiya Tusken Raider Barbaric Desert Tribe ARTFX reminds us how imposing they were from Star Wars: A New Hope.

The company has continued to put out quality Star Wars ARTFX statues, the most recent example being the Mandalorian. This time around they decided to focus on the enigmatic Tusken Raiders from the first Star Wars movie.

The statue will be 1:7 scale and as an added bonus will have the original artwork by Takashi Okazaki!.

Here are a few more images to give you a better idea.

Hands down, the artists behind the sculpture nailed the very essence of the Tusken Raiders. Whether it is the fabric floating in the wind to the weather look on the mask, the impressive detail is truly appreciated when you take the time to give it a good once over. 

Our only knock on the collectible is the statue appears muddled with colors from far away. This is a piece that definitely improves as you get closer We are not sure how this could have been fixed, maybe a shift in the posture or a background of sorts.

Despite this, we do think this is the perfect collectible for a Star Wars fan.

It does come with a hefty price tag of $199.99. It can be pre-ordered from KotoUS and expect to see it around February 2021.

What do you think of the Kotobukiya Tusken Raider Barbaric Desert Tribe ARTFX statue?

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