Kotobukiya Unveils their Defender Series Iron Fist ARTFX Statue

Defenders ARTFX

The last Defender completes the Kotobukiya collection.

Kotobukiya unveiled their final piece for the Marvel Defender Series collection by showcasing the Iron Fist ARTFX statue.

When they kicked off the Defender series with Daredevil, we had high hopes for the completed project. They close the series out on the perfect note.

The Iron Fist statue is 1/10 scale, in line with the rest of the Defenders or with Luke Cage to form the original “Heroes for Hire.”

Iron Fist has magnets in his feet that allow you to display him on the included metal base.


Here are some images of the Iron Fist ARTFX statue to get a better idea.


Overall, this is a solid statue by the collectible company. We definitely put this statue ahead of Jessica Jones and Power Man in terms of representing the character.

We love the pose of Iron Fist and showcasing the power he is ready to unleash.  He is  a favorite of ours from the line, right behind Daredevil.

You can pre-order the Iron Fist statue for $74.99 from Kotobukiya and expect to see it around the end of September 2018.

What do you think of the Iron Fist ARTFX statue and the entire Defender series collection?




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