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Lack of Consoles?

Lack of Consoles

Was there or wasn’t there?

The lack of consoles is an issue across the board for the next gen Xbox and Playstation consoles, but is it that dire?

The sky was falling as console developers have said things won’t return to normal until possibly 2023. They said Christmas trees would not feel the same due to the lack of consoles available for consumers.

Where was the blame pushed?

Maybe it is an issue with the chips needed for the consoles. We did hear some of the similar issues for computers but not to the same extent. This was a common cause behind the delay of new vehicles as well.

Or perhaps it was the scalper bots who were sniping up the consoles once they were released online. We could buy into some of it, but most scalpers are the ones going into the stores.

Maybe it was perfect timing with the pandemic and they were able to “shift” products around. Or maybe there was a true shortage due to things out of their control.

But is it real?

Despite the shortage, both companies have shown the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series have out paced their previous versions in terms of sales. But are the number real? 

The problem is both companies did not release the previous versions in the same pattern. Maybe they focused on certain regions firsts, then moved to worldwide. 

The thing with numbers is they can be twisted to show what the person wants. 

Either way, we are curious to see how things play out down the road for Microsoft and Sony.

What do you think about the lack of consoles issues?

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