Last Day to Enter the PVZGW2 Scavenger Hunt


Before Sunday is over, make sure you enter the PVZGW2 Scavenger Hunt for your chance to win a new video game console.


The Scavenger Hunt is a unique way for the creators of PVZGW2 to offer fans of the game to earn a custom console.

All you have to do is two things. First you need to watch this video but make sure you are paying attention to all of the in-game characters.


Then comes the work. You need to determine how many characters you see or each of the seven classes on both the Plant and Zombies side.

If you are lucky to get the correct answers, you will have a chance to win a customized Xbox One or PS4. We have to admit, they look pretty cool.


Scavenger Hunt

Head over to the main PVZGW2 page for official rules and to enter the contest.

We have already submitted ours so good luck to anyone else.

Let us know if you entered the PVZGW2 Scavenger Contest.

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