Lego Batman 2 Glitch

Lego Batman 2 Glitch

Power Boy was playing Lego Batman 2 earlier today on the XBox, he encountered an interesting glitch.

It started when he was playing as Cyborg at the roller coaster in the Gotham Funland Amusement park. He wanted to ride the roller coaster and selected the Y button to jump on board. Instead of sitting in the shark car, Cyborg became the shark car.

After the ride was over, we thought the glitch would correct itself when he selected Return to the Batcave. But as you can see in the photo above it did not. He was left with superman and the previously mention roller coaster shark car.

It was pretty entertaining watching him try to steer the shark car through the Bat cave. Have you come across any interesting glitches in Lego Batman 2.

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