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LEGO Batman: Clayface Splat Attack

Clayface Splat Attack

LEGO Batman was a hit in the theaters but can the inspired LEGO sets live up to the potential?

After spending our time looking over the various sets tied to the movie, we ended up selecting Clayface Splat Attack as our first LEGO Batman movie set.

One of the decisions behind selecting it was the villain Clayface. We have loved seeing his portrayal in recent comics along with the Batman Arkham video games. We loved the look of the set and what we would be able to do with it.

The set comes with 448 pieces which allows you to create Clayface. There are two mini-figures as well., the Mayor who is being attacked by Clayface and Batman who comes in to save the day.

Check out the unboxing of the LEGO set by JG13Gamer.

LEGO Batman Clayface Splat Attack Unboxing by JG13Gamer

We were a big fan of the LEGO Batman movie and had high hopes for the set.

 It is entertaining because of what you are able to do with Clayface. With a simple flip of a few bricks, you can change his mood. Or a simple flick of your finger, you can fire off pieces of clay at Batman.

Overall, we were pleased with the end product and think it is the perfect set to build around.

Let us know what you think of the Clayface Splat Attack from the LEGO Batman movie.

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