LEGO Batman Scarecrow Special Delivery Unboxing

Scarecrow Special Delivery

LEGO Batman was a hit in the theaters bout how did some of their building sets turn out?

There were countless LEGO sets to review but in the end we decided to continue the series off with the Scarecrow Special Delivery.

LEGO Batman did a great job with the previous Clayface Splat Attack and wanted to continue our trend with the villain side. This time we took a look at the villain who works in fear, making him the perfect match for Batman.

The Scarecrow. JG13 Gamer has become a big fan of this villain and could not wait to get this set opened.

Check out JG13 Gamer’s unboxing of the LEGO Batman set, Scarecrow Special Delivery.



Overall, this is a solid set for under $20. It comes with three mini-figures and an interesting vehicle. We did love the touch of the creepy face they placed on the pizza.

The only thing we might have wanted to see was for a little bigger guard station to help play out the scene.

Let us know what you think of the Scarecrow Special Delivery LEGO set.

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