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Lego Creation: Avengers Prison Shuttle

We had a recent Lego Creation competition and the end result of my creation was the Avengers Prison Shuttle.

The goal of the impromptu contest was to create a vehicle used by either side from the Marvel universe.

I decided to come up with a vehicle usable in single prisoner transport/extraction but also has enough firepower to ward off any potential breakouts.

The Avengers Prison Shuttle is equipped with a pair of laser blasters on the wing to go along with the missile launcher linked to the nose of the vehicle.

There is a magnetic beam located under the cockpit. It is tuned to lock onto the prisoners wristguards and to help recapture any prisoners who try to make a run for it.

While these are nice, the most important part of the Avengers Prison Shuttle is the containment unit. It is larger enough to hold a single prison but can be expanded to accommodate larger prisoners.

The viewing block is protected by an impervious Lucite and gives the prisoner minimal eyesight range. Each of the walls is more than a foot thick and able to resist a host of variables.

The major drawback of this vehicle is the inability to offer much in the way of mass transport. Also, if there is an extended battle, it will not be able to maintain any serious defense for too long.

Is there anything else you would have done differently with the Avengers Prison Shuttle?

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