Lego Creation: Cerebus Clan

Power Boy wanted to sent a gift to his cousin and he decided to to go with a Lego Creation he liked to call the Cerebus Clan.

We started things off right by visiting our local Lego store and rummaging though the mini-figure pieces containers. It did take some time and a lot of trial and error

Shovel Pirate This guy is not an ordinary pirate. Not only is he a master of the sea, he is confident in his abilities. To the point where he would venture into battle with a shovel. Oh do not let the wooden peg leg fool you. If you turn his back on him, you will end up with a buck shot in your back.

Cy-Boy The leader of the group, this robot cowboy leads with a strong fist, or claw. He never takes no for an answer and asks the most of the others. But when the time comes, he will no hesitate to let his sword do the talking.

Fu Manchu The spiritual man of the group, Fu Manchu will not stray from a battle. He will support the Cerebus Clan with his sword and his companion, Claws. The cat may seem docile but when the time comes, the claws come out and the cat is non-stop.

Power Boy came up with the name,Cerebus Clan, for this trio of bad guys and I think it has a cool ring to it.


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