Lego Creation: Lion Master

Say hello to Lion Master, the latest Lego Creation from Power Boy.

Some of his past Lego Creations have centered around a balanced attack system with some long range and close range combat measures.

This time around he decided to make Lion Master focused on a dominant melee fighter.
This four armed fighter is equipped with scissor cutting abilities that can be kicked into overdrive for rapid cutting in short bursts.

If you decided to sneak on Lion Master, watch out for the tail because he could slice and dice you.

Oh yes, if you decided to get too close, you can be sure one of the two lion heads will take a chomp out of you.

But what to do if this creation encounters someone with a long range attack? Power Boy thought of that by giving Lion Master the ability to fly over short distances. This should help close any gap before too much damage is done.

Is there anything else you would have added?

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