Lego Creation:Gorzan Rocka

Lego Gorzan Rocka

Power Boy was busy in his Lego Creation lab and came up with a interesting combination when he decided to pull from Hero Factory and the Chima universes.

He created an impressive figure, Gorzan Rocka and these are some of the abilities and special attacks he came up with.
– Quickness
– Increased Agility
– Extendable Arms To Swing on the Branches

Special Attacks
– Shield Bash (The perfect way to stop an oncoming attack)
– Mega Mace Smash (Our heavy hitting damage attack)
– Shield Spinning Blade (Useful to counter attack your opponent’s move)

Our Lego Gorzan Rocka has spurred him on to do more so stay tuned to see the next Lego Creation by Power Boy.

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