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Lego Dimensions Needs to Learn From Skylanders

Lego Dimensions is coming out September 2015 and right now we are a bit unsure how it is going to play out. Lego has made some outstanding games based on franchises.

While we wait to see how it stacks up, they would be smart to learn a few things from the Skylanders franchise.

They appear to be on the right track when it comes to their portal. According to the pre-order through Toys’R’Us, we will only have to buy one portal through the life of the game. While this can change, like it did with Skylanders and new technology, this may entice more people to buy,

All sandboxes are not created equal, just ask Disney Infinity. While it seems like a great idea on the surface it does not always work out.

Another area is the cost of the starter pack. $99 seems to be a steep price considering you are getting only three characters and a vehicle. I could only imagine what it would cost if Lego decides to release a special pack like the Dark Skylanders.

How is the release of Lego Dimensions going to affect their other Lego games. While we have enjoyed games like Lego Batman and Lego Marvel, how much more can they sap out of the market, especially when they are going to be relying upon popular characters to bring success to their new game.

Also why not have some love for the PC? It would be a smart move and would help them get those players forgotten about with the other games.

In the end, while we like the idea we are going to use a wait and see approach on whether or not we pick the game up. We have not seen enough for it to topple the Skylander love in this house and keep us from grabbing Skylanders 5 first.

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