Lego Dr. Who Sets Will Be Available for Christmas

Good news for fans of Dr. Who, Lego and the BBC reached a deal that will be putting new sets on the shelves in time for Christmas.

This multi-million pound deal plans to bring the mini-figure Doctor, along with the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Taradis to homes around the world.

While they have not announced what sets they are going to produce, Lego is fast at work on the project. This ideas took light on the Lego Ideas Website  thanks to  Dr. Who fan, Andrew Clark, who did some mock up designs to get things flowing.

Magnificent Mom squealed with delight when she heard the news about the Dr. Who Lego sets. She started watching the series over the last year or so and has become hooked on it.

Her favorite Time Lord is the tenth doctor, which we will forgive her since we all know the fourth doctor is the tops.

So aside from our household, is anyone else excited to see what Lego cooks up for the Dr. Who sets?

You can be sure we are picking up at least one of them his Christmas.

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