LEGO Forgot About the Xbox Owners

Xbox Owners

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers received a new DLC this week to celebrate the release of Captain America: Civil War and guess who they forgot about?

While Playstation owners have the chance to play the free DLC, Xbox owners are left to wonder if they will ever get the chance to get it.

Yup, right now, only those who have the Playstation game will be able to play new and reskinned characters like Black Panther, Crossbones, Iron Man Mark 46, and more.

Oh, LEGO is going to do the same thing with an Ant-Man DLC based on the movie.

It is bad enough every game nowadays has some DLC you need to purchase if you want to play the entire game.

Now they are restricting which console owners get which DLC?

Sure, this may be water under the bridge next week if LEGO releases the DLC for the rest of the game owners. Though I do suspect it would be for a price.

Anyway, it is a down right shame the way companies are handling DLCs and we hope it changes for the better.

If you are one of the Xbox owners, let us know what you think of this practice?

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