Lego Hero Factory Creation: Jet Rocka XL

Hero Factory Jet Rocka XL

Power Boy has been inspired coming back from Legoland in Florida and decided to make his own creation for the current Hero Factory Brain Attack series.

This creation is a combination of Rocka XL Savage Planet Series, Rocka Brain Attack series, and a few miscellaneous parts.

Even though the figure is heavily armored, it comes with a jet pack and in case flying is not enough, there are booster rockets to give him the extra edge to go where no robot has gone before.

As for weapons, Jet Rocka XL is loaded. He comes with shoulder plasma blasters and a shield fitted with rotating blades. The final touch is a triple blade sword that is sure to leave it’s enemies in pieces.

When I asked Power Boy why he chose both of the Rocka models to make this Hero Factory creation, he said Rocka was his favorite and he dug the color combination.

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