Lego Hero Factory Faceoff: Beast Robot Creation

Lego Hero Factory Faceoff Robot Version

Power Boy and I decided to start a new series where we will compete head to head in a building challenge using pieces from his Lego Hero Factory line.

Our firstchallenge was to create a Beast version that could change into a Robot figure without taking any of the pieces off.

The rules were simple. First we each had to create a Beast version using whatever parts we could.

Power Boy came up with a Dragon that was sizable and was armored to the max. I went with a smaller approach and made a dog/scorpion hybrid.

I decided to remain focused on the entire picture and tried to stick with a simple color scheme and bladed weapons. Power Boy wanted as many weapons as possible to give him endless options.

In the end, Power Boy won for best beast creation while I took the honor for the best Robot creation.

Keep an eye out to see what our next Lego Hero Factory challenge is.

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