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LEGOLand Hotel

Bring the LEGO Hotel fun home to your set.

Lego creator yankschamps1 created the LEGOLAND Hotel project to celebrate of the New York LEGOLAND Amusement Park.

When it comes to checking out LEGO Ideas projects, while the name recognition ones might catch your attention first, it is ones like these where true LEGO fans are drawn to. 

The set will include the following:
  • Three floors of enjoyment
  • 8 minifigures
  • A working elevator
  • The front entrance folds open to play inside
  • The castle comes out to play separately
  • A LEGO builders classroom
  • Buffet with food
  • 8 rooms based on different LEGO theme

The design of the hotel is solid and gives LEGO fans plenty of places to set up a few scenes. This is always an added plus when it comes to looking for additions to  your scene setting.

The real standout of the build is the sheer color the creator put into the set. This touch is the perfect way to bring memories of your LEGOLAND visit and all of the experiences you had there.

An added bonus is the number of minifigures they included with the set. Oh did we mention it folds up? Perfect way to really incorporate the building into your setup. 

If LEGO gets the chance to review this and turn into an official project, we would definitely pick one up for our collection. At the time of this article, the project has 278 supporters with 405 days left.

Make sure to head over to LEGO Ideas to show the LEGOLand Hotel some love and help them reach the 10,000 mark.


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