LEGO Ideas: Ancient Chinese Temple

Ancient Chinese Temple

If you are a fan of architecture or the Chinese culture, then we have a LEGO Ideas project for you.

We stumbled across the Ancient Chinese Temple on LEGO Ideas by Mibitat and found something we had to share.

If you have been to our site before, you know we have reviewed similar project ideas in the past,  like the Samurai Code. This one is right up our alley.

The set design was to capture the feel of going back in time and give a glimpse at a Chinese temple. The set remains true to the architecture of the period  and does a wonderful job with the landscape.

The one area we are unsure of is the mini-figures.

We like the three that were created but it does not seem like they all go together. Maybe remove the solider and add a monk?

Here are an additional pair of images from the LEGO Ides Project.

Interior View of Ancient Chinese Temple














Mini-Figures (Rice Farmer, Panda, & Solider)



Overall, we like the concept of the set and would consider picking one up. Of course it is dependent upon the price.

If you like the Ancient Chinese Temple LEGO Ideas project, make sure to go and support it.

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