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LEGO Ideas: Basement and Sewerage

Basement and Sewerage

Good things can happen under ground.

Creator MOCingbird went outside the box with the LEGO Ideas Basement and Sewerage project, but we are super glad they did.

Certain projects catch our eye for various reasons, like the Motorized Lighthouse. I have to admit, the mere title of the project was enough to get me to stop scrolling.

The project is going to consist of the Basement (22 x 32 studs) and the Sewerage (10 x 32 studs).

The basement will have five rooms (Janitor’s room, Compartment A, Compartment B, Mechanical Room, and Corridor). While the Sewerage set will feature a detailed front view section.  The project will feature three mini-figures; a janitor and two sewer technicians. 

Check out these images to get a better idea.

Hands down, this is one of the most original projects we have seen in 2020. It is not chasing a trending or relying upon nostalgia. 

The basic approach they took with this project was perfect. This is a set that can be added to any scene and bring more life into it. The attention to detail was important to the creator and it showed with the layout. 

The creator did an excellent job of providing the little things to make the piece standout. Whether it is the albino alligator or the other memorable stuff, there is plenty to catch the eye of any onlooker.

Lastly we love how this set is compatible with all LEGO Modular Buildings on a 32 x 32 or a 12 x 32 baseplates. 

At the time of this article, the LEGO Ideas project had 2,643 supporters with 546 days left. Make sure to support the project if you like it. 

Would you pick up the LEGO Ideas Basement and Sewerage project?

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