LEGO Ideas: BotW Stables from The Legend of Zelda

Lego Ideas BotW Stables

Capture the Spirit of the Legend of Zelda.

Creator Hanwasyellowfirst entered the Ideas world with their first prokect, Lego Ideas BotW Stables from the Legend of Zelda.

We have covered previous video game related Lego Ideas, like Sonic Green Hill Zone and Minecraft sets so we were more than curious about this one.

The project will contain the following.

  • StableĀ 
  • Fire Pit & Benches
  • Crates and Ingredients
  • Weapons
  • Horses

In addition, the set will include the following minifigures; Link, Kaas, Beedle, Pikango, Stable Master, & Traveller.

Here are some additional images of the Lego Ideas BotW Stables.

We like the setting the creator decided upon for their project. It makes sense to go with the Stables from Breath of the Wild and it offers playability.

The design of the set is solid and offers details that bring you straight back into the game.

We also commend the creator for acknowledging their lack of design ability for the minifigures, But like they said, we could use our imagination and it is solid.

At the time of this article, the LEGO Ideas project had 3,777 supporters with 576 days left. Make sure to head over to the link if you are a fan of it.

Let us know what you think of the Lego Ideas BotW Stables project from the Legend of Zelda.

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