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LEGO Ideas: Chemical Plant

Chemical Plant

Coming up with a unique idea at LEGO Ideas project site is not always the easiest.

At LEGO Ideas, creator Ymarilego, decided to create something has long held his interest, a chemical plant and it is better than expected.

First we thought it might be tied into the Acme Chemical plant from Batman, but then we learned this would be the perfect addition to a LEGO City set.

The set will contain roughly 1,900 pieces and will be built upon 2 32 stud x 32 stud grey squares base plates. 

There are several treatment sites and chimneys, storage vats and spheres and a laboratory to check the quality of the chemicals produced. On the left base plate is a loading station for both rail and road vehicles.

The connecting ladders can be moved up and down. The tank hose poles can be rotated 360 degrees so either rail or road can be accommodated.There is a small storage area for different kinds of drums and some pump equipment.

The structures of both places do not overlap so one can decide if both are to be placed next to each other or apart, or even rotated differently to create another layout.

The set will contain 6 minifigures, 1 scientist, 1 manager, and 4 workers.

Here are some additional images of the LEGO Ideas Chemical Plant project.


We definitely see some promise with this project. There is enough detail in the set for it to be a stand alone but we can see there is some definite play ability with it.

This would be an ideal set for someone looking to add something unique to their city.

At the time of this article, the project has 6,652 supporters with 699 days left. We have a good feeling about  this one.

Would you consider picking up the Chemical Plant if it was successfully supported on LEGO Ideas?


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