LEGO Ideas: Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons

Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons

Whether you are young or old, who does not love looking at dinosaurs.

This LEGO Ideas project by Mukkinn centers around a Natural History collection which features Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons.

While we prefer more complex LEGO projects, Gotham Police Headquarters or  the Iron Giant, there are times when we like simpler ones. Case in point, this set.

There is no mention in the description of how many pieces the set will have but you have to think it will be a decent size set, probably enough to warrant a price tag around $40.

The LEGO set will feature the following dinosaurs.

  • Triceratops Fossil Skeleton with exhibition base
  • Stegosaurus Fossil Skeleton with exhibition base
  • Dilophosaurus Fossil Skeleton with exhibition base
  • Brachiosaurus Fossil Skeleton with exhibition base
  • Plesiosaurus Skeleton with exhibition base

In case you are wondering where the T-Rex is, they are working on it.

Anyway, here are some more images from the Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons project.

Overall we love the concept of the LEGO Ideas project.

The only downside we see is the scale of the other dinosaurs. We know it would be hard but would love to see the skeletons more to scale in comparison to each other.

Currently there are 1,378 supporters for the project and it has 555 days left to reach the goal of 10,000 supporters.

Let us know what you think of this LEGO Ideas Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons set.

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