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LEGO Ideas: Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum

Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum

The Sorcerer Supreme introduced us to the mystical arts, now this LEGO Ideas projects expands on it.

We stumbled across this newest project, Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum, created by Jesse’s Brick G and we must say they nailed it.

Sure maybe part of the reason why we love this set is because we thoroughly enjoyed the Doctor Strange movie.

The project is going to feature the home of the mighty sorcerer. The set opens up to reveal twisting banister staircases & a study to house the magical artifacts. We love the little details, like the Levitation cloak encased in glass and spell books chained to the desk.

Right now there are no mini-figures listed with the project, but the following ones were included in the images.

  • Doctor Strange
  • Mordo
  • The Ancient One
  • Thor

Based on what we have seen with other projects, we would think the set will include three of the four.

We love the project based on what we have seen. The set would be perfect to add with others from the Marvel Universe to create a dynamic environment. It could be used in a variety of way and with a variety of figures.

Here are a few more images of the Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum.


If you like the Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum LEGO Ideas project, make sure to let us know.

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