LEGO Ideas: The Flash Star Labs

A set the Speedster deserves.

The popular television series has helped the underrated hero by spawning the Flash Star Labs set featured on LEGO Ideas.

The set created by Kizmo with the hopes of giving LEGO life to the headquarters from The Flash.

The designed set is 700 pieces and will give fans a chance to recreate some of their favorite scenes. We like the overall design of the set, especially the little touches like the treadmill.

Of course what would a LEGO set be without minifigures. This one will include Barry Allen Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Harrison Wells, The Flash, Reverse Flash, and Gideon.


Currently the Flash Star Labs set has has 1,327 supporters with 507 days left. While it is a still a bit away from the 10,000 mark, we have not doubt it will reach it.

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