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LEGO Ideas: Gravity Falls Mystery Shack

Gravity Falls Mystery Shack

Visit Gravity Falls with this LEGO project and see what remains hidden.

Creator Figura created the Gravity Falls Mystery Shack to help relive some of the scenes acted out on the popular animated shows.

When we first saw this project, images of Up Paradise Falls came to mind. This increased our interest and had to check it out.

Here are a few features of the project.

  • The ground floor features the museum, the gift shop including a curious vending machine and the living space
  • The first floor holds a secret room including some furniture and a dubios carpet
  • The top floor has Dipper’s and Mabel’s shared bedroom as well as various items of mystery – imparticular a book with the number 3 written on it
  • The outside areas show three different porches (the one by the rear entrance including Stan’s couch), the parking lot and the bottomless pit, which apparently is bottomless
  • Parked outside is the little golf cart, which helps Dipper and Mabel escape the monsterous dangerous of the surrounding forests

The following minifigures will be included; Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos, and Wendy / Waddles

Here are some more images of the Gravity Falls Mystery Shack.

We love the feel of this project. There is enough there to keep your LEGO mind working even if you are not a huge fan of the show. However if you are, you will find this is a must add to your Gravity Fall collection.

At the time the LEGO Ideas project has 5,122 supporters with 735 days left.

What do you think of the Gravity Falls Mystery Shack LEGO Ideas project?

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