LEGO Ideas: Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden

Architectural design fans and LEGO lovers will enjoy this newest project offering.

The Japanese Tea Garden was created by Coosey_Goosey for LEGO Ideas with the hopes of offering a tranquil piece to bring traditional images into your home.

We have covered similar architectural projects in the past, like Chinese Garden and Ancient Chinese Temple so we were drawn to this one the moment we saw it.

This model contains iconic features of Tea Gardens, including the following.

  • Several statues
  • A torii
  • Bonsai trees
  • A pond
  • An arched bridge
  • A pagoda

Here are a few more images of the Japanese Tea Garden.

We do love the aesthetics of this LEGO project. It defiantly sets the mood but there is one feature that really nails it for us.

At the back side of the model, the ground is cut away to reveal tree roots, a koi fish in the stream, and a hidden underground cavern.

We feel this would be the perfect addition to any LEGO set featuring strong architectural design.

At the time of this article, the LEGO Ideas project has 1,494 supporters with 578 days left.

What do you think of this Japanese Tea Garden as an addition to the LEGO Ideas projects.

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